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The Academy of Mindful Psychology, founded by Dr. Neil Kobrin, introduces you to an emerging field called Mindful Psychology. Mindful Psychology integrates aspects of:

Dr Kobrin brings his decades of experience in the field of higher education and transformation, and  his expertise in building organizations as president and professor of a university and several graduate schools of psychology to create a uniquely practical and holistic approach to transformational learning.

For Practitioners;  The Academy of Mindful Psychology is Approved to offer continuing education credits. Through the Academy you can take CE Courses and earn valuable continuing education credits in a meaningful way.  You can also offer your wisdom to others by becoming a CE Teaching Partner, designing and delivering your own CE Courses.

For the life-long learner: Courses offered by the Academy of Mindful Psychology are designed to present practical, real, achievable, practices and information that are easily integrated into your everyday life.  These are not just esoteric ideas interesting to consider, but solid concepts with practical application to your experiences. Interested in offering a course…

Mindful Psychology

Mindful Psychology integrates aspects of mindfulness with Western and Eastern psychology; neuroscience, specifically affective neuroscience; health and wellness, and consciousness and spirituality.

Resource Center

The Academy’s Resource Center hosts information and articles from a variety of sources related to Mindful Psychology. The Resource Center will be constantly updated to add the latest information pertinent to the field.


The Academy offers a variety of courses. Many of the course offerings provide continuing education credits to Psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, and LPCs. Some of our courses are directly related to Mindful Psychology and others are of a more general nature.


The Academy offers unique partnership opportunities for qualified professionals. The Academy will co-host and market your course or sponsor a continuing education workshop or conference which you develop. The Academy will develop an affiliate arrangement with you.

Featured Courses

Resource Center

nap timeResearch is indicating that taking a nap can be very beneficial for our well-being. Read More…

app1-300x532This article explores how mindfulness techniques are helping people who struggle with addiction. Read more.

MBSRThis study by Paul Grossman, et al., suggest the usefulness of MBSR as an intervention for a broad range of chronic disorders and problems. In fact, this research indicates that mindfulness training might enhance general features of coping with distress and disability in everyday life, as well as under more extraordinary conditions of serious disorder or stress. Read More.

Jon Kabat Zinn

“Meditation isn’t just for hippies any more. And it’s not all about saying ommmm.” Read More.

brain 1A new technology allows researchers to see the contemplative brain in real time—and uncover insights on everything from contentment, to effort, to distraction. Read More…..


ScienceScience confirms, the probability of birth is nothing short of a miracle. The first story in my book, Emotional Well-Being, is about the rarity of birth being equal to a blind sea turtle surfacing to the top of the ocean putting his head through a ring bobbing on the surface. Honor the Gift of Life. Read More….

hangover-food-asparagusWe all know that drinking alcohol is not good for us and not good for our body. But, if we are going to consume, there are certain foods that mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. Learn More….

Heathy Heart foodsThis article, written by June Rousso PhD, discusses how proper nutrition can affect heart health and lower blood pressure. Read More…

Green SmoothieThere is a an ongoing debate regarding whether the foods we eat can significantly affect the pH of our blood and that we need to alkalize our blood through diet to improve our health. In this article Dr Kim shares the truth about alkalizing our blood. Read More…

Asparagus “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This article discusses nine foods that research has shown to have a positive affect on our health. Read More…

healthy gutThis article discusses why maintaining a “healthy gut” is both good for our immune system and our overall well-being, including how we feel. Read More…

DNAResearchers report evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of intensive mindfulness practice. Mindfulness practice altered genes and  correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation. Read More…

According to new research, thousands of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented—and millions of dollars in healthcare costs saved—if doctors used more accurate screening. Read More

8.23broccoliDr Joesph Mercola discusses the findings that eating broccoli could reverse the damage that diabetes inflicts on heart blood vessels. People with diabetes are up to five times more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes — both of which are linked to damaged blood vessels. Read More

cinnamonIn this article Dr Joseph Mercola discusses the benefits of diet and supplements in the fight against diabetes. Read More… 

human-connectome-project-brain-scan-3 A new research finding has shown the ability to erase a memory and then reactivate the memory through neural stimulation in lab experiments with rats. This finding can have a significant impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Read More ….

brainA research team may have discovered a way to protect brain cells from the damage wrought by Alzheimer’s disease, and even reverse damage that the disease has a caused in individuals suffering from the disease. Read More…

brain scansResearchers show promising results in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. In early experimental trials with mice, scientists have being able to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and restore learning, memory and brain functioning. Read More…


bluebrain-nohead-e1400858253941Fats are vital to a healthy diet and for optimal brain functioning. Read More



SteakScientist have determined that our brain is nearly 60 percent fat and that maintaining a diet with appropriate amounts of fatty acids is essential for your brain’s integrity and optimal brain health. In this article, written by Maureen Mackey of The Fiscal Times, fat in our diet is explored. Read More



The most salient characteristics shared by the 10% of students with the highest levels of happiness and the fewest signs of depression were their strong ties to friends and family and commitment to spending time with them. Read More.


If mindfulness-based interventions are found to be effective for increasing healthy habits such as exercise frequency, healthy eating, and sleep quality, then teaching mindfulness-based techniques may be a cost-effective and unique method for improving physical health among college students.Read More.


In his New York Times blog article, Daniel Goleman discusses research suggesting that meditation and mental exercises may be better than drugs at helping people cope with attention problems. Read More

Neuroscience of Happiness
In this video Kent Berridge, Richie Davidson, and Daniel Gilbert speak at the Aspen Ideas Festival about the neuroscience of emotions and happiness.... More
Thich Nhat Han
In this video the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh talks about opening the heart.... More


These are the first studies providing evidence that mindfulness itself predicts romantic relationship well-being. In this article Sean Barnes, et als., examine the link between mindfulness and greater satisfaction in romantic relationships, and greater capacity of managing the stresses that are often experienced in intimate relationships.Read More.

lose-belly-fat-400x400From missing out on sleep, to genetic factors, there are plenty of reasons why your abdominal fat, which can be a predictor of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and some cancers, may be stubbornly sticking around……. Read More

Fruits and veggiesDiet can play a huge role in both the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and plant- and marine-based protein are all essential for…… Read More

brainThe areas of the brain associated with abstract and narrative representations of the self, may be altered with extended daily focused attention to moment-to-moment experience, and thus may represent the neural underpinnings of self-reference in the psychological present.  A growing body of evidence suggests approaching self-experience through a more basic present-centered focus may represent a critical aspect of human well-being.Read More.


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