The Academy of Mindful Psychology

The Academy of Mindful Psychology LogoThe Academy was developed and founded by Dr. Neil Kobrin, a licensed clinical psychologist, LCSW and MFT who has decades of experience in the field of higher education and transformation. He has served as President/CEO and professor of psychology for several professional psychology graduate schools, as well as a national university. Dr Kobrin envisioned an emerging field called Mindful Psychology. In his view, Mindful Psychology is an interdisciplinary theory that integrates aspects of mindfulness with Western and Eastern psychology; neuroscience, specifically affective neuroscience; health and wellness; and consciousness and spirituality. It is a holistic approach that combines essential elements of these disciplines and blends them into a theory of human functioning that is based on current research and science alike.

Dr. Kobrin’s vision was to create an academy dedicated to the interdisciplinary aspects of Mindful Psychology. The Academy, through the dissemination of information related to these disciplines, could provide opportunities for individuals to cultivate insight, awareness and wisdom. To this end, The Academy offers a Resource Center which provides information presented as articles, videos and audios for each of these disciplines. The Academy also offers a variety of courses, workshops, and trainings in these areas led by experts in the field.

The Academy strives to offer current, innovative, transformational courses delivered through a variety of methods, including online formats, webinars, teleseminars, video, audio, and live workshops, conferences, and retreats. Many of these offerings provide continuing education credits. It further strives to build a community of people dedicated to enhancing and transforming their own lives and the lives of others.