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The Academy was developed and founded by Dr. Neil Kobrin, a licensed clinical psychologist, LCSW and MFT who has decades of experience in the field of higher education and transformation. He has served as President/CEO and professor of psychology for several professional psychology graduate schools, as well as a national university. Dr Kobrin envisioned an emerging field called Mindful Psychology. In his view, Mindful Psychology is an interdisciplinary theory that integrates aspects of mindfulness with Western and Eastern psychology; neuroscience, specifically affective neuroscience; health and wellness; and consciousness and spirituality. It is a holistic approach that combines essential elements of these disciplines and blends them into a theory of human functioning that is based on current research and science alike.

Dr. Kobrin’s vision was to create an academy dedicated to the interdisciplinary aspects of Mindful Psychology. The Academy, through the dissemination of information related to these disciplines, could provide opportunities for individuals to cultivate insight, awareness and wisdom. To this end, The Academy offers a Resource Center which provides information presented as articles, videos and audios for each of these disciplines. The Academy also offers a variety of courses, workshops, and trainings in these areas led by experts in the field.

The Academy strives to offer current, innovative, transformational courses delivered through a variety of methods, including online formats, webinars, teleseminars, video, audio, and live workshops, conferences, and retreats. Many of these offerings provide continuing education credits. It further strives to build a community of people dedicated to enhancing and transforming their own lives and the lives of others.

Dr. Neil Kobrin - President/CEO

Neil Kobrin, Ph D. Dr. Neil Kobrin, is a licensed clinical psychologist, LCSW and MFT with decades of experience in human transformation and emotional well-being. He is the bestselling author of the book Emotional Well-Being: Embracing the Gift of Life and is the founder and president of the Academy of Mindful Psychology. He is an international workshop leader in Mindfulness and Emotional Health. His workshops, attended by people from all over the world are designed to cultivate awareness, promote tranquility, and shift consciousness to advance emotional well-being.

After obtaining his MSW at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Kobrin went on to complete his PhD in clinical psychology. He began his career as a psychotherapist and a professor of psychology. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the role of President/CEO of a professional graduate school which offered a PhD in psychology. Dr. Kobrin rebuilt and rejuvenated the institution and eventually merged the school with a national set of graduate schools of psychology. Subsequently, he helped transform the school into a university, which was part of a multinational group of higher education campuses. This academic system soon became one of the largest private educational systems in the country. Through his role as President he developed a substantial national and international network of contacts in the area of psychology and education which he maintains today.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kobrin has taught graduate level psychology and is responsible for training significant numbers of psychotherapists from all over the world. He is a dynamic public speaker and has engaged in public speaking on a local, national and international level. He is an American Psychological Association Approved Sponsor for continuing education, a Board of Behavioral Science Provider (CA) of continuing education and leads workshops that have been endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society. This allows Dr. Kobrin to provide continuing education to psychologists throughout the United States and Australia, as well as to licensed psychotherapists in California. He has also been a Clinical Trainer and presenter conducting workshops throughout the United States preparing psychology graduates for licensing examinations.

Professional/Personal Development

Dr. Kobrin actively continues to augment his knowledge and experience of mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, health and wellness, and consciousness and spirituality. He has attended dozens of trainings throughout the US, lead by the foremost leaders in these subject areas, including the 14th Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Dan Siegel, among many others. He is a member of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s sangha and continues to study with world renowned teachers, such as Dr. Jack Kornfield and the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, as well as distinguished visiting teachers. He has trained and facilitated workshops with Zen Master Genpo Roshi, training facilitators from all over the world in the Big Mind process, and co-developed a derivation of this process called Mindful Voice Integration.

Professional Activities

Dr. Kobrin plays an active role in the Academy of Mindful Psychology, an organization designed to provide insight and transformation, through education and training in Mindful Psychology. He is also an Educational Consultant, Executive Consultant, presenter, workshop leader and maintains a clinical practice. As an Educational Consultant he has worked with higher education schools throughout the country providing services related to accreditation issues, board development, strategic planning, fund development, assessment planning and program review, enrollment management, budgetary planning and operations, and faculty and student related activities. As an Executive Consultant he has worked with organizations and executives to bring a more mindful presence to the work environment. Dr. Kobrin conducts workshops and trainings throughout the world and is a public speaker. He continues to write and develop coursework in the area of Mindful Psychology and maintains a private clinical practice in Marin, California.

Hava Glick-Landes – Media Coordinator

havaphotoHava Glick-Landes has been teaching mindfulness to elementary school children for the past 3 years, after being trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum. Aside from teaching, Hava has been producing and editing educational videos related to mindfulness, yoga, Tantra and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past seven years.   Since beginning as an intern for Berkeley Community Media in 2006, she has continued to be an active producer of content for the public access TV station.   She is an avid meditator and enjoys Zen study groups, and outdoor activities as well as working with children.
As Media Coordinator for the Academy, she brings a diverse set of skills and experience and is eager to advance her fluency in web related activities.


Lisa M. Clontz - Marketing Coordinator

lisaklontzLisa M. Clontz  has experience in sales, marketing, branding and social media.  She coordinates the Academy's  Affiliate/Partnership network program as well as the Academy's  social media campaign. She is passionate about the Academy's philosophy of Mindful Psychology and is intent on spreading the Academy's mission of "transformation through education". Lisa enjoys and pursues the East-meets-West approach and practices expressed through the Academy.

Lisa is also an avid artist in the arts of painting, writing and music.


Barbara Kessell - Content Coordinator

Barbara KessellBarbara Kessell is our current psychology intern.  Barbara comes to us with a strong background in HR, Labor Relations and Project Management.  She is currently a student at Dominican University of California and expects to receive her BA in Psychology in 2015.  Barbara plans to continue the study of Mindful Psychology at the grad school level.  When she’s not studying, Barbara can be found at the Stapleton School of the Performing Arts where she has been acting and Assisting Directing community theatre for the past ten years.

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