Hands reaching to globe of the worldThe Academy offers a wide array of courses and utilizes many different ways to deliver these courses. Many offer continuing education credits. Some of our courses are directly related to Mindful Psychology and others are of a more general nature.

The Academy strives to present courses that are currently relevant, interesting and dynamic, while enhancing learning. Courses are offered in a variety of formats that include video trainings, audio trainings, self-paced written courses, webinars, teleseminars, live workshops and trainings, or a combination of these delivery methods.


There are two specific categories of courses:

  1. Direct Access Course (DAC):  Direct Access Courses are  course offerings in which the participant will have direct access to the instructor and/or the community of participants enrolled in the course. Access may take place in multiple forms including email options, telephone interaction, social media, webinar, or live interaction at a workshop or event.
  2. Non- Direct Access Course (NDAC):  Non-Direct Access Courses are courses in which participants have no access to the instructor. These courses are generally offered as written course materials, videos or audios, or non-interactive webinars.

Certain Courses are deisgnated for continuing education credits. Check CE Courses listing for details.

Course Delivery Methods:

The Academy offers a variety of learning modalities to fit different learning styles:

  • On-line: Written, video, audio, webinar, teleseminar
  • In-Person:  workshop, conference, retreat/workshop

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