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The Academy is pleased to offer an opportunity for qualified professionals to provide coursework material for general education or for continuing education credits.

General Course Offerings

The Academy is always searching for high quality coursework relevant to the general public and health care professionals.

  • Coursework can be related to Mindful Psychology or to other areas of interest.
  • The Academy seeks to attract faculty who are experts in their field of study.
  • Courses can be in the form of written material, audio file, webinars, video presentation or live workshops or a combination of these formats.

Continuing Education Course Offerings

The Academy seeks to attract credentialed faculty, who are qualified to provide continuing education courses, to become a CE Teaching Partner. For the purpose of providing a continuing education course, generally:

  • 1 credit of continuing education equals one hour of audio, webinar, video or live presentation or 10 written pages of information.
  • Continuing education courses can range in credit value based on the time required to participate in the course.
  • All continuing education courses, other than live workshops/trainings and conferences must contain an assessment measurement (a post test) to determine that a level of competency has been reach by the course participant.
  • The Academy will assist potential faculty in structuring coursework so it is compliant with the standards set by the various continuing education boards.
  • Once a participant has successfully completed a course the Academy will generate the appropriate “Certificate of Completion” document and provide it to the course participant.

We look forward to working with you.

If interested in submitting a potential course please select and complete the Submission Form and write “New Course” in the subject box.

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