Article: Affective Neuroscience and Psychophysiology: Toward a Synthesis

A Scholarly Introduction to Affective Neuroscience


Affective neuroscience is the study of the neural mechanisms of emotion. This interdisciplinary field combines neuroscience with the psychological study of personality, emotion, and mood. Emotions are thought to be related to activity in brain areas that direct our attention, motivate our behavior, and determine the significance of what is going on around us.

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Manifesting Emotional Well-Being Through Mindful Psychology: Letting Go…

Letting Go and Living Fully,

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Dr Neil Kobrin on Living FullyA Six Week Online Video/Teleseminar Course
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Article: Mindfulness: Has Your Ego Slipped Inside Your Witness?

Here is an article discussing the challenges of maintaining an unbiased witness.  When our ego takes over our witness, in times when we are emotionally triggered for example, it can be more difficult to be our own objective witness:

Nancy CollierIn her article, “Mindfullness: Has Your Ego Slipped Inside Your Witness?” Nancy Clier writes for Huffington Post:

Orange was the new black. Now mindfulness has trumped orange and is indeed, the newest black. Talk in social media is that everyone is practicing it, “doing” mindfulness, becoming spiritual. Sounds good! Becoming aware and conscious of what is happening in the present moment, both inside and outside our body, is a powerful and life changing skill.

Mindfulness involves learning to witness our own thoughts and feelings, to observe them as they pass by, like weather or clouds moving through an open sky. The process of becoming aware of the words that our mind rattles out, as well as the feelings and sensations it belches up… Read Article.